Our guests have come from all around the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Russia and from throughout Western Europe: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands etc. They all had a wonderful experience, and they were kind enough to let us know about it. Here are some of their reviews:


Sightseeing and Espionage

What a pleasure to tour the Budapest espionage hot spots with knowledgeable and personable Ivan ! This tour is part sightseeing, part walking, part history and a whole heap of espionage. We enjoyed learning about the history and looking at Ivan's personal archives over a short beer break near the American Embassy. Fascinating stories!

— Diane, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ivan is an easy and personable guide with whom you can walk Budapest. He shared many interesting stories, details, and photos that we would not have otherwise seen or known about. What I enjoyed most was that he had a plan for the morning, but the stories and information were tailored to our questions and interests. We also just had a lovely morning of intelligent conversation, sharing of experiences, and getting to know each other.
— Stacey, USA

Our highlight of


We had the good luck to take Ivan's tour yesterday and it's been the highlight of our Budapest stay. Ivan is a mine of information, full of interesting spy stories and anecdotes that you won't hear anywhere else. He's also very personable and charming and made the tour most interesting. I highly recommend taking his tour if you get the opportunity. Thank you Ivan!

Elisabeth, France

We had a great time with Ivan. Not only did he give us an insider’s view to the war & diplomats involved, but also just every day live in Budapest (food, politics, music, etc.). What a perfect way to learn the history of a country — he truly made it come to life. My teenage son soaked up too (especially when he and Ivan started talking about their favorite rock bands!). Great guy — Highly recommend this tour. Can’t wait for his book to come out!
— Jodi, Seattle, WA

An absolute expert

Ivan is not only an absolute expert on the subject.. he's also a great guy! Everything you ever wanted to know on the Cold War and MORE! Pictures and personal stories make you live this from the inside. We highly recommend.

— Betty, Toulouse, France

My tour of Budapest with Ivan was the intellectual highlight of my two weeks in Central Europe. He was cordial, entertaining, smart and informative. The sights within the city were definitely among the hidden treasures, and as we stood on the Danube and looked at the former American Residence, others walked by not knowing the significance of that building, or observant of the still evident damage from Soviet tanks. Ivan customized my tour to include Memento Park (well outside the city) and it exceeded my expectations. The remnants of the communist era are erie and evocative. I highly recommend Ivan. He is extremely knowledge and admirably articulate: The Perfect Teacher!
— Thomas, NY, USA

Everyone should hear this!

This is not just a tour for foreigners but every Hungarian should hear this story!! Ivan doesn't just know the story and the history of the Cold War period but what makes this tour so interesting is that he knows the stories of the individuals that made the history!! This is a fascinating trip and not just the best thing we did in Budapest but one of the best things I have done on any holiday!!

Chris, Ireland